10 Easy Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill Costs This Winter

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill Costs This Winter

Face it: if you don’t do something about it, your electricity bill will go way up this winter. Yes, even in Florida. Think about it: Christmas lights, out-of-towners staying over, cool nights indoors with your lights on and your heating turned up, cooking and baking several times over what you’d do in the summer – everything conspires to push costs up. But you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful Christmas lights to be smart about costs: smart and beautiful is the new beautiful! So we say it’s better to start thinking about ways to reduce that electricity bill before the costs start to pile up.

Reduce Electricity Bill Costs with These Simple Tricks

Some of the ways you can reduce power bills include predictable advice like turning off lights and lowering heat during the night or on the days you are away. They bear repeating, because, let’s face it, we often forget or find it too complicated.

Other tips, though, you may find somewhat surprising. We are so used to the idea that things have to be hotter inside in the winter to compensate for the cold, that we don’t consider how improbable the notion really is.

Trust us: these are tried and true tricks to save on your electricity bill without compromising on comfort. Will it be complicated? No. Will it require a few hours’ work to set it right? Yes. But then you will significantly reduce your electricity bill and get to use the extra money for, let’s say, a nice Christmas gift for yourself. So here are our 10 easy electricity bill saving tips.

  • Insulate. Doors and windows are gateways for the cold. Your HVAC system will work harder to compensate air leaks and you’ll be stuck with the bill. Reduce power bills by insulating – it takes a few hours to apply foam weather stripping, for instance – and costs much less.
  • Program everything. Program every programmable device to work at low-consumption times. For instance, get your washer to do its thing at night instead of in the evening. Program the thermostat to lower temperatures at night – a couple of degrees lower will make no difference to you, but it will reduce electricity bill expenses by about $30. Program your water heater to stop for the night and only start working a little while before you wake up.
  • Check your furnace. You should do that on a regular basis, but especially in the winter and with the holidays coming, you want everything to be in top shape. Do a tune-up before the cold settles in. We don’t mean you should do it yourself, though. Contact us and we’ll help you have everything clean, safe and in saving mode!
  • Lower water temperature. We think that because it’s colder outside we should crank everything up just to compensate. In fact, it’s the other way around. Your body deals badly with extreme changes in temperature, and just as you don’t need the house to be too warm during the winter months, you don’t need water to be scolding hot. If you lower water temperature by seven to ten degrees, you will reduce your electricity bill by $30+ without feeling a thing. Make sure it’s not above a maximum of 140°F.
  • Heat only what you use. No need to keep the house warm if you’re away during the day – or for several days. You lose nothing but reduce electricity bills by simply being sensible. Turn the heat down when you’re gone! If you have the option, only heat the rooms that are actually lived in. For central HVAC systems, it’s easy to close the vents in the rooms that aren’t used.
  • Install door sweeps. That’s such a simple trick that everyone should use it. After all, exterior doors are never as well insulated as they should be, and that’s how the cold comes in. With a door sweep, you might bring the temperature up by a couple degrees with no additional work.
  • Use natural sun cycles. The sun provides lots of heat even when it’s cold outside. If it sounds paradoxical, just try it: leave the drapes pulled aside during the day when it’s sunny and you’ll see the sun-facing rooms get much warmer. The reverse is also true: close the drapes at night to keep the heat in.
  • Increase load size. Whether it’s your washer and dryer or your dishwasher, only do full loads. This is great advice to lower electricity bills in any season, and all the more so in winter. You can save hundreds of dollars every year by simply being more economical about load size. The environment will thank you, too.
  • Clean your equipment. Clean the condenser coils in your fridge, change the air filters in your air conditioner, clean the lint filter in your washer and dryer. You may not be the DIY type, in which case you might want to call an expert. Just make sure you don’t end up paying more because of inefficient electrical equipment.
  • LED instead of incandescent. That’s one of those electricity bill saving tips that work in any season, but especially when you’re decorating with hundreds of Christmas lights that might otherwise suck the joy right out of Christmas. Try using smart lights, but, whatever else you do, stop using incandescent and only use LED lights. That’s the best kind of smart: efficient and environment-friendly.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you could also look into insulating your attic and basement, as well as sealing the heat ducts. Consider these projects for next year, maybe.

Call an Expert for Help

That’s the best advice we can give you. At Air Hawk, we’re that family-owned, trusted local company that you thought had disappeared, replaced by impersonal big businesses only interested in taking your money and providing minimal assistance. In fact, we’re part of your community and want to see you do well so we can all be happy!

If you are anywhere near our air conditioning service areas, we can install, repair and maintain an affordable, economical HVAC system that gives you all comfort and no hassle. We can help you set everything up to reduce electricity bill charges without sacrificing the warmth we all associate with the holiday season.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide friendly expert advice and support!


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