The 25C Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

Tax season is among us, and did you know your new air conditioning system could qualify for an energy efficiency tax credit? We all could use a break on our taxes, and there are plenty of ways to find tax credit if you know where to look. Unfortunately, explaining taxes can be quite complex but fortunately, Air Hawk is here to break down the lengthy legal terms to see if your new air conditioning system qualify for this credit. 

What is the 25C Energy Efficiency Tax Credit?

Recently a bill was passed that renewed the 25C tax credit. This tax credit has been in existence since around 2007. At one time it was as much as $1500 but those days are long gone. It has been reduced to a $500 for qualified energy star rated improvements. There are some limitations and Air Hawk recommends seeing a tax professional for full details. Some of the home improvements that qualify are air source heat pumps, central air conditioning and gas and/or oil furnaces. 

How do I know if I Qualify for the Tax Credit?

If you’ve purchased a unit from us, there’s a good chance it’s a qualifying unit. Air Hawk sells some of the most energy star rated air conditioning systems on the market.  Many of these units have undergone rigorous testing by industry professionals to ensure that the energy ratings of these units are above the standard set by the government.  Therefore, it is highly likely that the unit you’ve purchased from Air Hawk qualifies for this tax credit.

Our HVAC certified specialists are here to help you with your air conditioning needs.  If you’ve purchased your air conditioning unit from us, call us at 813-929-HAWK (4295) or visit our website at to see if your air conditioning system qualifies for this tax credit. 


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