3 Benefits of a WiFi Thermostat

Benefits of WiFi Thermostats

Since heating and cooling account for nearly half of your home’s energy costs, the benefits of a wifi thermostat are worth a look. They include automation and greater control over your home’s temperature and climate. This control could save you a bundle on your energy bill.

Benefits of WiFi Thermostats

Here are 3 benefits of a wifi thermostat.

Reduce Energy Costs

Wifi thermostats are most well-known for reducing homeowners energy costs. They provide savings by automatically adjusting the temperature depending on whether your home, sleeping or away analyzing your heating and cooling patterns for energy-saving opportunities

letting you create temperature zones that can be independently controlled

According to the EPA’s Energy Star program , homeowners can save up to $180 annually by installing an internet-connected thermostat. In this scenario, a thermostat could pay for itself in just a year or two.

Comfort on Demand

This energy savings comes without sacrificing comfort. A wifi thermostat will adapt to your schedule, either by interviewing you about your family’s habits or learning from your adjustments. If you want to override the settings, you can make real-time adjustments with any internet-connected device.

It will keep your home a comfortable temperature while people are around and reduce your energy usage when you’re not at home. If your schedule changes and you’ll be home early, just log on and let your thermostat know. Your home will be cozy when you get there.

Maintenance Reminders

Wifi-connected thermostats also provide helpful maintenance reminders. Many people know they should change their home’s air filter, but often forget. A wifi thermostat will send you reminders to keep your system running smoothly. The reminders are based on how long the system has been running. That’s most accurate way to keep track of heating and air conditioning maintenance items.

The benefits of wifi thermostats are clear. They can help you reduce your energy costs, stay comfortable, and remember to maintain your system. To learn more about wifi thermostats and whether one is right for your home, contact Air Hawk Heating and Cooling at 813-929-HAWK.


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