4 Mobile Home Air Conditioner Options

Mobile Home Air Conditioner

Mobile homes have become a convenient housing choice for those who live in Florida because they are affordable, easy to find, and very attractive. But since they come in smaller sizes, and they are built differently than traditional brick and mortar houses, keeping them cool during the hottest months of the year poses some unique challenges. Luckily, there are four mobile home air conditioner options to choose from that can each be adapted to fit an owner’s needs.

Mobile Home Air Conditioner Systems

Window Air Conditioner Units

One of the most common types of air conditioner units that mobile home owners use is the window air conditioner. The main reason for this is that the box-like units are inexpensive to buy and easy to install. Unfortunately, they have quite a few drawbacks to them that make them less than ideal for a long-term cooling option though. For example, many of them are incredibly noisy. So if they are used in an area of the home where someone needs quiet in order to study or speak on the phone, they have to be shut off for a while until the task is completed. This isn’t easy because each room of the house has to have its own window unit to stay cool because they aren’t built for large areas. And, on top of this, window units are generally not designed with energy efficiency in mind, which means that those who use them end up with high electric bills each month.

Ductless Air Conditioner Units

Some of the older mobile homes don’t have ducts built into them. This poses a problem for anyone who wants to install an air conditioner system in their home because it means that they would have to have holes cut into the floor to use for vents and an entirely new set of ductwork attached. And not everyone can afford to have this done. Luckily, our company, Air Hawk AC, can easily solve this problem by installing some ductless air conditioners, which don’t require ducts to transfer the air throughout the home. They are much quieter than a window unit, and they often come with a remote control to easily turn them on and off.

Package Air Conditioner Units

Package air conditioners get their name from the way that they include all of the necessary air-cooling components in one main box-like unit. They work best for small mobile homes that have a limited amount of space. However, there has to be pre-existing ductwork already installed for them to blow air through the return and supply ducts that are built into the front of them.

Central Air Conditioner Units

The air conditioner unit with the most energy efficiency is by far the central air conditioner unit. It requires space inside the home for the air handler, but the main condenser sits outside on a small cement pad. Most people don’t mind giving up a little closet space to have it installed though after they see how much money that it can save them on their electric bill each month. These mobile home ac units need ducts to be able to push the cool air throughout all the rooms of the house though. But they are fairly quiet to operate, and they turn on only when the temperature in the house becomes higher than the thermostat setting.

Need Help Choosing The Right Mobile Home AC Unit?

As you can see, there is more than one way to stay cool in your mobile home during the Florida summers. So give our company, Air Hawk Heating & Cooling, a call if you need more information about getting air conditioner repair right away. But when you book your appointment for our services, remember that we also repair and install many types of heating units too, and we can even clean your dryer vents.


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