How to Prevent Condensation in Your Ductwork

Hvac Ductwork

Have you noticed condensation build up in your home? You might have a condensation issue in your ductwork. Condensation forms when warm, humid air comes into contact with a colder surface like your air conditioner’s ductwork. This colder surface then chills the surrounding air to a temperature below it’s dew point which causes the water […]

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Five Tips To Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Indoor Air Qualirt Pollutants

As you prepare for another Florida summer, we want to help you save some money on your energy bill. While most in-home appliances and HVAC systems are much more efficient and energy friendly than they were even 15 years ago, when those temperatures start to soar, your energy bill might follow. Without spending a ton […]

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Do Your Air Conditioning Coils Need To Be Replaced?

AC Blowing Hot Air? This Could Be Why

Summer is just around the corner—have you completed your air conditioning maintenance check? A thorough inspection of your HVAC system is crucial to maintaining the life of your air conditioner. And it ensures that you and your family have a very comfortable Florida summer. There’s one check that sometimes get left off the checklist—your air […]

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New Windows = Cost Savings

house with energy efficient windows

Summer is on the horizon—now is the time to prepare. Even if your AC is in perfect working condition, other factors in your home could drive your energy costs up. There could be a few steps you can take now to help avoid higher costs this summer. Did you know that your windows could be […]

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Preparing For Spring: Your HVAC Checklist

Outdoor condensers for air conditioning system

Spring is around the corner and that means it’s time to start preparing your air conditioner for increased usage. While most HVAC systems in Florida don’t get a huge break between seasons, the spring and summer season are usually when your system will work its hardest. And it’s important to make sure it is ready […]

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Five Tips to Reduce Your Utility Bill

Woman adding energy savings to glass jar

After a year of social distancing and sheltering in place, you may have noticed that your electricity bill is a little higher than usual. Think about it: Netflix marathons, cooking and baking weekly, spending nights inside with the lights on—sounds like a recipe for increased utility costs. And since families will likely be spending more […]

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