Is Your Home Ready For Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season In Florida

If you’ve lived in Florida for any length of time, you’ve experienced your fair share of hurricane seasons. And while we are sure you’ve got all the basics covered, there’s a good chance you haven’t thought about how to prepare your HVAC for a tropical storm. The Air Hawk team has you covered. Here are […]

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Add Home Equity With HVAC Upgrades

Two story house with HVAC updates for improved home equity

Considering making some upgrades to your home? When you know that selling your home is in your future, it seems wise to make a few improvements beforehand. Many opt to upgrade appliances, add a fresh coat of paint, maybe add a little extra storage. But few probably consider updating their HVAC system. According to Harvard’s […]

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HVAC Equipment Supply Issues Due To COVID-19

preventive maintenance

Over the past several months, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted logistics and manufacturing. As a result, waiting times for supplies has increased drastically. And the HVAC industry has not been left unaffected by this. Many manufacturers have experienced trouble supplying equipment to businesses. Due to Florida’s current COVID numbers, some truck drivers are not […]

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Why Your AC Is Short-Cycling

Outdoor condensers for air conditioning system

Has your air conditioner been turning on and off without actually cooling off your home? You could be experiencing what HVAC professionals refer to as short-cycling. Typically short-cycling occurs when the compressor stops prematurely and then kicks back on almost instantly. Here are a few causes of short-cycling. Clogged Air Filter When your air filter […]

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Summer Saving Tips

Best thermostat temperature in the winter

With the increase in time spent at home due to coronavirus, your air conditioning will probably get even more use than usual this summer. How can you keep your home comfortable without a spike in your utility bill? We’ve created a few tips to keep your home cool and your bill average. Use a Schedule […]

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