Preparing For Spring: Your HVAC Checklist

Outdoor condensers for air conditioning system

Spring is around the corner and that means it’s time to start preparing your air conditioner for increased usage. While most HVAC systems in Florida don’t get a huge break between seasons, the spring and summer season are usually when your system will work its hardest. And it’s important to make sure it is ready […]

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Five Tips to Reduce Your Utility Bill

Woman adding energy savings to glass jar

After a year of social distancing and sheltering in place, you may have noticed that your electricity bill is a little higher than usual. Think about it: Netflix marathons, cooking and baking weekly, spending nights inside with the lights on—sounds like a recipe for increased utility costs. And since families will likely be spending more […]

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Space Heater: Three Safety Tips

7 AC Heating Tips for the Florida Winter

Tampa, Florida isn’t exactly known for its cold winters. When the temperature does drop, why crank up the heat and increase your utility costs? A space heater is a great option for Florida homes—they’re compact and they can be used without needing to heat the entire house. But there are a few things you should […]

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Do You Need A Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

When most people think of air conditioners, they think of the system that pushes cool air throughout the house. But humidifiers and dehumidifiers are also air conditioners—as they change the condition of the air. A humidifier adds water droplets into the air to reduce the dryness of the air. While a dehumidifier removes moisture from […]

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Three Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing

Hot water heater failing, technician performing maintenance

How often do you run maintenance on your hot water heater? If you’re like many, it’s probably not something you give much thought to—until your showers start to run a bit cold. But there could be some key signs—besides a lack of hot water—that let you know that your hot water heater might be on […]

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Do You Need A UV Air Purifier?

Freestanding UV air purifier in bedroom

Most people have spent a lot more time inside this year. And although many might not notice, traditionally the air quality inside their homes is actually worse than the air quality outside. This is one reason that changing your air filters regularly is so important. But could there be a way to make your indoor […]

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