Indoor Humidity: How to manage

Indoor Humidity

Indoor humidity in your house should be between 45-55% for maximum comfort. When humidity gets into the 60-70% range, it starts to get uncomfortable. Here are some things that can happen: It feels hotter The air will feel wet Some experience sleep problems Your hair will get frizzy (Not a concern for most, but for […]

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HVAC Technician

HVAC technician at Air Hawk Heating & Cooling

To work as an HVAC technician requires a tremendous amount of knowledge. Whether it is repairing, installing or maintaining a unit, a good HVAC service technician should be knowledgeable with data, systems and other processes while maintaining good phone skills and customer service. What makes a great HVAC technician? A great HVAC technician should have […]

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The Difference Between Refrigerants R22 and R410 Puron

Difference between refrigerants R22 and R410 Puron

At the heart of every air conditioning unit is the ac compressor. The purpose of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant. Refrigerants are what make air conditioning possible. Contained inside the coils of an air conditioner, these liquid agents cool and dehumidify indoor air. There are currently 2 types of refrigerant being used in […]

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Air Hawk Heating and Cooling Awarded Mitsubishi Electric’s Elite Diamond Contractor

Mitsubishi Electric's Elite's Diamond Contractor

Air Hawk Heating and Cooling is pleased to announce that they have been awarded Mitsubishi Electric’s Elite Diamond Contractor title. This designation demonstrates that Air Hawk Heating and Cooling has achieved an exceptional level of training, expertise, and customer satisfaction when dealing with Mitsubishi Electric’s products, particularly their ductless split air conditioning systems. Contractors with […]

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Have an Annual Service Check on Your AC

Annual Service Check Of AC

It is essential to have an annual service check on your HVAC system. Besides saving money and avoiding long-term problems, an annual service check will help your air conditioner run cleaner. When your system runs cleaner the humidity level and air quality are much better. A humid environment is a breeding ground for all sorts […]

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Merv Rating – What You Should Know

What is a Merv Rating?

What is a MERV Rating? (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, also known simply as MERV, measures the performance of air purifiers, specifically large purifiers intended to clean an entire house or building. Large, whole-house purifiers are not evaluated in the same manner used to measure the effectiveness of small, portable air […]

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5 Advantages Of Ductless Cooling Systems

5 Advantages of Ductless Cooling Systems

Most people have heard of ductless cooling and heating systems, but what do you really know about them? Our friends at Mitsubishi Electric are pros, and give us these 5 big advantages of ductless cooling systems. 1. Ductless Cooling Systems are Highly Flexible Solutions Whereas traditional central air conditioning systems force cooled air through ducts, […]

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