Common Heat Pump Maintenance Service Call

Common Heat Pump Maintenance Service Wesley Chapel

We were on a heat pump maintenance call in Wesley Chapel today and found several animal carcasses in the outdoor unit. Luckily the system was still functioning and the homeowner was unaware of the potential problem that existed. You would be surprised how something like this can cause a circuit board to fail or even worse, […]

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Manufacturers Limited Warranty What It Really Means

Manufacturers Limited Warranty

When a homeowner is considering purchasing a new air conditioning systems one of the first questions I hear is… long is the warranty on a new system. Most equipment now days comes with a 10 year manufacturers limited warranty on the parts and compressor. Some manufacturers will offer a lifetime replacement guarantee on their higher […]

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Choosing An Air Conditioning Contractor

Air Conditioning Contractor

Most people don’t give their air-conditioner a thought until it stops working. Then it can feel like a life or death situation especially in the middle of the summer. A lot of people will use the Internet to find a air conditioning contractor. Ranging from a Google search to Facebook and Angie’s List just to name […]

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