AC Blowing Hot Air? This Could Be Why

AC Blowing Hot Air? This Could Be Why

After a day out in the sun, a few hours of relief in a cool room is all you’ve been waiting for, and now–this. You turn your air conditioner on, anticipating a refreshing blast of cool air. Instead, all your unit does is emit a waft of warm, stale air. Groan. Why, you may ask, is your AC blowing hot air?

As a widely-experienced HVAC specialist, I’ve got a few good ideas why your air conditioner may be on the fritz.

Reasons Your AC is Blowing Hot Air

Your Thermostat Setting

It may seem too obvious to miss, but sometimes, when your AC is blowing hot air, all you really need to do is to check the thermostat to ensure that it has been set to “cool” instead of “warm”. Overlooking the right setting, embarrassing as it may seem, is often the only problem.

Once you’ve checked for the right temperature setting, wait five minutes before you turn your AC back on. This should allow the refrigerant pressure to equalize so you’re not too hard on your compressor.

Observe carefully if this solution manages to get your AC blowing cool air again. If not, get in touch with a professional HVAC contractor to come take a look at it.

Check Your Breakers

Does your AC system use a combination of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit? If so, it could be that the indoor unit is running properly but the outdoor unit has lost power, resulting in the AC blowing hot air.

The breaker of your condenser will trip off primarily for two reasons. One is the dirty state of the copper coils, and the other, natural wear and tear. Filthy coils may cause the condenser to overheat and, to prevent any further damage to the system, the unit will shut itself off.

You can check the state of your breakers yourself, but it’s far better that you have an HVAC professional come take a look to find out what caused the trip. They can then dismantle the casing of your air conditioner quickly and safely and, if necessary, replace your AC with quality parts to ensure that it doesn’t happen again too soon.

Check for Ice Buildup

Your AC unit freezes up when airflow is restricted. When there is insufficient airflow, the temperature around the coils drops below freezing and humidity further accumulates around the coils. This accumulation will then result in an even greater buildup of ice, and hot air is all you will get.

This problem is most often caused by a dirty air filter, but can also be a result of improperly sized or damaged ductwork. The quickest solution would be to replace your air filter, then check if your unit will run again without icing up. If it still freezes over after this quick fix, you’ll benefit from having an experienced HVAC professional look it over. They’ll be more capable of spotting the deeper signs of trouble that you might miss yourself.

Your AC blowing hot air isn’t the end of the world, but it can really ruin the day when you’ve been looking to relax in a cocoon of cool air. While there’s no single answer for why an air conditioner would blow hot air, a little troubleshooting and a consult with an HVAC professional will easily set things to rights. Reach out to Air Hawk Heating and Cooling at (813) 929-4295; we will be happy to find the best solution for your AC problems today.

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