Check Heart Health Of Your AC Compressor

AC compressor health

The AC Compressor is the heart of the HVAC system. Without it, your system simply can’t function. It is also the most commonly misdiagnosed component in the system. At least one third of the time that the unit is said to have a “bad compressor”, the AC compressor is not actually the problem

How AC Compressors Work

The refrigerant gas, which was transformed into a high-pressure and high-temperature substance, will be transferred to the condensing coil. The condensing coil, in turn, cools the gas into a liquid state. The gas is cooled using a fan or blower inside the condensing coil. Another way to cool the gas is through the immersion of the coil into cold water.

What If My AC Compressor Has Failed?

When the AC compressor fails and your central ac unit starts blowing warm air, you really need to decide whether it makes more sense to have the air conditioner compressor repaired, or replace the AC unit altogether. Most technicians agree that if the AC unit is more than 10 years old and out of warranty, it may make more sense to replace the air conditioner and coil, than to replace the compressor and just wait for other parts to fail.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Get a Second Opinion – Be sure that the compressor actually needs replacing before you rush out and buy a new one.
  2. Check the Warranty – See if your home air conditioning compressor is under warranty.
  3. Discuss the Options – Compare the cost of replacing the compressor with the cost of replacing the entire unit.

The cost of labor and the compressor will cost about half of replacing the entire unit. Check to see if the additional cost would help offset future repair costs.  But if the air conditioning compressor is still under warranty, then repairing may be the best option.

If you need help determining if your AC compressor is bad, call the trustworthy and knowledgeable folks at Air Hawk Heating and Cooling. We will give you an honest answer and can work with you to help get you back up and running cool. Call us at 813-929-HAWK or 727-SAME DAY. 

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