AC Maintenance For Pet Owners

AC Maintenance For Pet Owners

We all love our furry friends because they make life happier. However, the proper AC maintenance for pet owners can keep them from wreaking havoc on your HVAC system. Plus, your pets need to be kept safe from your HVAC system, especially if they run freely in your yard. A little extra effort is needed to keep your HVAC system running smoothly if your dogs or cats stay inside.

Here are some tips about AC maintenance for pet owners to keep in mind:

1. Filters – your furry friends shed and their hair finds its way into every corner of your home. This really affects your HVAC system. As your system sucks in the air, the pet hair will clog the filters. This means decreasing the efficiency of your system. It also results in more energy use and higher utility bills. This can also shorten the life of your system.

To help reduce the problems with pet hair in your HVAC and ventilation system you will need to stay on top of your housekeeping. Dust, sweep, mop on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to bathe and groom your pet regularly to cut down on the shedding and pet dander. Pet owners also need to change their air filters more often than non-pet owners. This will help keep your HVAC system functioning properly and will reduce allergens from pet hair and dander.

2. Exposed Wires – Exposed wires to your HVAC system can be a tempting chew toy for pets. This is most common in puppies and kittens, but for some grown pets as well. Make sure wires are enclosed in conduits to avoid this from happening.

3. Outside Condenser Units – Many pets pose a threat to your outside unit as well. If they have free rein of the yard they can dig and claw at your unit. If they claw at the condenser coils they can not only damage your unit but injure their feet. Male dogs love to mark their territory. If they urinate on your condenser the urine can leak into the fins and this will cause them to erode over time. This could lead to refrigerant leaks and be extremely costly to repair. It is a great idea to have a fence or barrier around your outdoor unit to prevent these scenarios from happening.

If you live with cats or dogs, give us a call today at 813-929-4295 to see how we can help you be sure that the air quality in your home is perfect for you and your pets.

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