Spring Troubleshooting: AC Is Not Cooling


Uh-oh. Your AC is not cooling your house and you live in Florida. That can be a very uncomfortable problem. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive repair.

AC not cooling? Here are a few things you can try to fix this issue yourself and a few that need professional service instead.

6 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling The House

  1. Condenser Unit Maintenance

Your condenser needs good airflow at all times. Because it’s outside, weeds and grass are always growing around it. It’s also easy to forget since you don’t see it regularly.

Use a weed whacker to keep growth clear of the equipment so it can work at its best.

Even if there’s no grass around the condenser, it can still become dirty. If there are trees around your condenser, debris may fall from above into the casing.

If you haven’t cleaned your condenser in over a year, this may be why your AC is not cooling.

  1. Not Enough Airflow

How do you know if there’s enough air blowing? If there isn’t enough air coming through your vents, you’ll never feel cooler.

Hold a lighter to the direct airflow from the vent. You’ll want to do this throughout your home, making sure the vents furthest away from the HVAC unit still have good airflow.

In one room, start with the flame close to the vent and move progressively farther away until the flame stops wavering. You should be able to reach the opposite end of the room from the vent and still have an effect on the flame, especially in rooms close to the HVAC unit. The flame is less likely to waver across a room that is far away from the unit, but ideally, you would still be able to reach the other side.

What should you do if the airflow is too low? First, check your air filters. If they’re dirty, replace the air filters and try again. If you still aren’t achieving the results you want, contact an HVAC company to perform a duct cleaning or check your AC fan for any problems.

  1. Electrical Issues

Sometimes a breaker can be tripped but it doesn’t flip into the “OFF” position.

Look for the breakers typically labeled HVAC, AC, Air Conditioner, Condenser or Compressor. Flip them off, then back on again and see if this fixes your problem.

  1. Thermostat Issues

Is your thermostat display blank? That’s one good sign that something inside has gone wrong.

The batteries could die, the circuitry inside can malfunction, or other failures can happen to a thermostat without drawing much attention.

This could especially be your problem if you are dealing with a home with multiple conditioning zones.

Change the batteries and see if this remedies your problem. If it doesn’t, a licensed HVAC professional can further troubleshoot this issue for you.

  1. Frozen Air Handler

If nothing has worked so far, look behind your air filter inside the unit’s evaporator coils.

Are they frozen?

If your AC is frozen the air gets too hot. The ice will block the air inside your home from coming into contact with the refrigerant of the evaporator coils, preventing the air from being cooled and also preventing your AC from dehumidifying the air.

If your AC is frozen, turn it off. You’ll need to allow it about 24 hours to defrost and dry out before you attempt to use it.

  1. Low Refrigerant

One of the main causes your AC is not cooling is a low refrigerant level. Refrigerant is necessary to produce cool air.

A licensed HVAC company will have the proper equipment to measure the levels inside your unit. They also have a method to properly dispose of the used refrigerant.

It’s not cool when you can’t get your AC to cool your home, especially in the middle of a Florida summer.

If it happens to you, contact us at 813-929-HAWK and we can help you through the problem.

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