Have an Annual Service Check on Your AC

Annual Service Check Of AC

It is essential to have an annual service check on your HVAC system. Besides saving money and avoiding long-term problems, an annual service check will help your air conditioner run cleaner. When your system runs cleaner the humidity level and air quality are much better. A humid environment is a breeding ground for all sorts of microscopic organisms that can harm your health. Mildew and mold spores thrive in it, and they can be highly toxic once they get into your body. If mold is clearly visible inside your home, you have a problem that needs immediate attention. Even if there are no signs, mold and mildew can still spread throughout the vents, or behind walls. Air conditioning units take out moisture from the air while cooling, so that’s a perfect solution for high humidity on hot summer days.

In addition to good air quality and humidity levels, another great reason to have an annual service check is that it prolongs the life of your HVAC system. Routine maintenance can prolong the life of your system from 3-5 years and also save you money on your utility bills.

What Can I Expect During my Annual Service Check?

During your annual service check, your certified technician will check your entire system. Here are a few necessary air conditioning maintenance checkpoints your technician should provide:

Change air filters; It is recommended to change your filters once every 1-2 months. Dirty air filters impede the flow of air and make your system work harder. Dirty air filters also reduce your system’s ability to filter allergens, making your indoor air quality very poor.

Clean condenser and evaporator coils. Coils collect dirt, dust, and debris which reduces efficiency, leading to poor cooling and system damage.

Check the fins on the unit. The fins are a part of the condenser that helps heat move away from the air conditioner so that the heat disperses more quickly The fins can get bent which reduces the performance of your unit.

Neglecting maintenance on your HVAC system will result in a decline in your system’s performance. It will also increase your energy use up to 15%. For all of the reasons, schedule your annual service check today. It will help your energy expenses and also give you much greater comfort and air quality.

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