Best Ductless Air Conditioner for Your Home: A Buyer’s Guide

Best Ductless Air Conditioner For Your Home

Along with the hot summer months is a growing number of weather-induced diseases, making air conditioners a wise investment for every family. Designed to offer cost-efficiency and unparalleled comfort, mini split systems can breathe new life into your home. However, since not all brands are created equal, finding the best ductless air conditioner brand can be extremely confusing. To help you make the right decision, below is a list of the best ductless heating and cooling systems.

The Best Ductless Air Conditioner in 2018

Mitsubishi Ductless Split System

As a pioneer in providing multinational electronic equipment, Mitsubishi ticks all the right boxes when it comes to elevating comfort and convenience. Mitsubishi ductless split systems are the top choice of households and global companies because of their inventive design and superior functionality.

Advantages: There is a reason why Mitsubishi is tagged as one of the best ductless heating and cooling systems by experts in the field. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Mitsubishi split systems are the complete package if you are after quality, durability, and sustainability. As a quick overview, below are some of the main advantages of Mitsubishi air conditioners over other models:

  • Multi-level air filtration: Mitsubishi is notorious when it comes to securing the health and safety of families. Its ductless cooling systems are designed to filter allergens, pollen, gases, viruses and other air contaminants. By its multi-stage filtration system, you can effortlessly get rid of airborne health hazards.
  • Energy efficiency: Use only the energy you need when you need it. As compared to window-type air conditioners, ductless split systems are around 40% more energy-efficient.
  • Superior technology: Every Mitsubishi unit has a built-in H2i® technology, zone control, i-see sensor and hot-start feature that work together to automatically control temperature while minimizing energy consumption.


Rising above the competition with its top-performing air conditioning models is Gree, a China-based company that manufactures residential and commercial ductless split systems. The company’s eco-friendly approach in creating home appliances has won the hearts of consumers who value comfort and functionality.

Advantages: Gree takes sustainability and comfort to a new level by focusing on functionality while lessening environmental impacts. With over 20 years of experience, the company has managed to create its own identity by integrating advanced features into their units.

  • Smart design: Gree offers some of the best ductless heating and cooling systems, which feature eco-friendly refrigerants designed to lower energy consumption. A friend to you and to the environment, Gree air conditioners can help you save up from monthly electric bills.
  • Precision: Gree guarantees unrivaled temperature-control mechanisms that greatly optimize comfort and convenience.
  • Noise-reducing feature: With Gree’s noise-reducing feature, you can sleep soundly at night and ensure ultimate comfort day in and day out.


Toshiba also carries the torch in providing the best ductless air conditioner. Widely-recognized for its compelling split system units, the company proves that innovation is always just a heartbeat away, or in this case, a remote control away.

Advantages: Toshiba may be last on our list, but it is definitely not the least in terms of providing value and quality to every household owner. Whether you are in the market for the best ductless air conditioner brand or you simply want to find a reliable unit, Toshiba is sure to meet, if not supersede, your expectations.

  • Functionality and reliability: Every Toshiba air conditioning unit is equipped with a wide cooling operating system that promises unwavering services regardless of temperature and humidity levels.
  • Outdoor operation: Toshiba’s undeniable flexibility makes it one of the best ductless heating and cooling systems in the market. Even when installed outdoors, the company’s split systems can optimally function without bringing in excessive noise. Its outdoor sound operation is just as low as 47 db.
  • Warranty: Even better news? Toshiba offers a 10-year compressor and parts-limited warranty, making it a safe and practical investment if you are putting maintenance and repairs into consideration.

Why settle for something that’s just good enough when you can have the best?

Between the three brands, Mitsubishi has won us over with its exemplary features. Nonetheless, the two other brands also offer promising features that can guarantee exceptional services fit for every household. With the best ductless air conditioner, you can bid goodbye to all your summer woes and elevate the quality of your everyday living.

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