Busted: Three Air Conditioning Myths That Aren’t True

Woman Sitting Under Air Conditioning

The great debate about how to keep your house cool during the summer heat continues. With the shift in focus on energy efficiency and environmental concerns, it seems the myths surrounding air conditioning units just continues to expand.

Here are three myths that are often circulated that we are busting with the cold truth.

Myth 1: Using Ceiling Fans Will Reduce How Often the AC Runs

Have you heard this one? It has been said that running the ceiling fans will keep your air conditioning unit from coming on as frequently. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is simply not true. Remember, a fan doesn’t actually provide cool air but rather it moves air around. Using a ceiling fan along with your air conditioning unit can help to better circulate the cool air throughout a room—making you feel cooler without changing the thermostat temperature.

Myth 2: Selecting a Larger AC Unit Provides Cooler Results

Bigger doesn’t necessarily equate to better. When choosing the best size unit for your home, consider the size of the space being cooled—instead of the size of the air conditioning unit. If you select a unit that is too large for your space, it will actually consume more energy and be a less efficient solution for your home. Similarly, selecting a unit that is too small for your space will also produce ineffective results.

Myth 3: Keeping the Thermostat Set to One Temperature All Day Saves Money

On the surface, this one could appear to be true. The reality is that having the air blasting while you’re away from home is actually a wasted of energy. Now that doesn’t mean that turning the unit off completely while you’re away is any more cost effective. When you turn the unit off completely, it has to work much harder to reduce the temperature upon your return.

By using a programmable thermostat, you can allow the house to warm up slightly while you’re away. Then set it to begin cooling the house just before your return. This keeps the unit from overexerting itself to shift the temperature from one extreme to the next.

If you think your air conditioning unit isn’t running at its optimal best, give one of our Air Hawk experts a call and schedule an appointment. We can help you determine if your unit needs some maintenance or if it might be time to replace it entirely. Have an emergency? Call us anytime. We are available seven days a week. Let us help you stay cool and avoid falling into the trap of any of these air conditioning myths.

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