Tips to Make Your Home Cooler This Fall

Family of four sitting on couch at home staying cool

While for many across the country the transition into fall means cooler and more comfortable temperatures, in Florida we can still look forward to some heat. We’ve compiled a few tips to help keep your home cooler this fall without cranking up the air conditioner. Leverage Your Window Treatments Even in the fall, the Florida […]

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The Benefits of Duct Sealing

Air duct sealing to improve HVAC efficiency

As a Florida resident, finding ways to maintain a cool home while keeping utility costs from skyrocketing is probably on your must do list. You already know that routine maintenance is key to having an efficient and effective HVAC system. And recently, we discussed the importance of checking your home for air leaks to help […]

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How Air Sealing Can Equal Cost Savings

Air Sealing and How it Can be Your Household Hero

Let’s be honest—everyone likes to save money on their energy bills. One of the best ways to create cost savings is to make sure your HVAC is running efficiently. If you’ve been keeping up with your scheduled maintenance and you change your air filters regularly, you may think there isn’t much else you can do […]

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Energy Bill High? Here’s Why

Lifespan of AC

Summertime—the time of year most people look forward to all year. And while in other states it’s partially due to the change in the weather, here in Florida it mostly means vacations, pool parties, family gatherings, and less time away from home. There is also one more thing we can usually look forward to in […]

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