Check Your AC Filter Every 30 Days to Avoid Air Conditioning Repair

AC filter check

Checking your filter every 30 days can avoid an air conditioning repair service call. Change the filter when a build of dirt has become noticeable.

What Type of AC Filter Should I Use?

Check Your AC Filter Service Land O Lakes

The biggest question we get is “what type of ac filter should I use“. We recommend a pleated filter that cost about $3-$4. In most indoor environments the filter will last 30-45 days. In homes with multiple pets your filter may need to be changed more frequently. You can follow these guidelines in residential air conditioning system or commercial air conditioning systems.

If you prefer to use a filter that has a tighter mesh(more restrictive) then you should consider having a duct system evaluation. The duct system can be sized to accommodate a restrictive filter. You may cause an air conditioning repair if you use a filter that strains the system.

The filter helps prevent a build up of dirt in the air conditioning and duct system. If you neglect to use a filter then dirt will accumulate on the coil. That can lead to an unnecessary air conditioning repair in land o lakes or surrounding areas.

What Do You Recommend to Help Avoid Air Conditioning Repair Due to Bad Filters?

We recommend maintenance twice a a year. Our technicians can go over a few options with you and answer any questions you may have about your filter or air conditioning system. Call now to schedule your appointment 813-929-4295!


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