Choosing An Air Conditioning Contractor

Air Conditioning Contractor

AC Contractor Trinity Land O' Lakes FLMost people don’t give their air-conditioner a thought until it stops working. Then it can feel like a life or death situation especially in the middle of the summer.

A lot of people will use the Internet to find a air conditioning contractor. Ranging from a Google search to Facebook and Angie’s List just to name a few. Referrals from friends and family would be another popular way to choose a contractor. Either way you should reference the ac contractor from a credible source. Checking with the BBB and/or The department of business and professional regulation would be an excellent start. You will find that 99% of the ac contractors out there are honest, hard-working individuals. Of course with any industry be wary of high pressure sales tactics.

Need an Air Conditioning Contractor? Air Hawk AC Can Help!

Most of the time repairs are minor and can be completed quickly. If you are faced with a high cost repair or replacement you should get multiple quotes. Doing some homework can help you make a decision. Visiting Air Conditioning Contractors of America is a great start to find information. I would like to add that pricing on the Internet should taken lightly. There are multiple things that are not considered that are a high cost to the contractor.

By choosing Air Hawk Heating and Cooling you will find that our pricing is fair and you will receive great service. We have a flexible schedule to accommodate most time frames.

We can be reached at 813-929-4295 or fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page.


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  • When looking for a contractor to do work on my home I am always skeptical and I worry about the quality of work that the contractor is going to provide as well as the fear of being over sold products or services I don’t need or want.

    Recently I took on a new project at my home. I converted a den into a bedroom which required moving an existing A/C vent to make room for the closet. I called Air Hawk and was given a firm quote for the work that was needed. The crew arrived the following day on time and they were polite, professional and they represented the company in a positive light.

    The work that was done by the crew required cutting the ceiling in three locations. As you may imagine the potential was there for quite a mess of drywall dust and attic insulation. The crew used a bucket to catch most of the mess as the cuts were made and the few things that did escape the bucket where promptly swept up.
    During the installation of the new vents and air return the crew explained what was being done and why; they also provided me with several options, gave professional and useful advice and took my wishes into consideration. The crew was very concerned with the “visual impact” of the new vents and they were careful to locate them where they would create the least visual impact and took the time to measure (rather than “eyeball”) the vents to be sure they were perfectly straight in relation to the nearby wall.

    I would recommend Air Hawk to my friends and family (and I have). The crew left my home with no sign that work had been done (other than the presence of the newly installed vents). The guys cleaned the area where they worked and left it cleaner then they found it.

    The work that was done looks great and was done with an absolute minimum of interruption to my family and daily routine.

    I am happy to say I will call Air Hawk the next time I need my A/C serviced.

    Good Job guys!

    Thank you!

    Tom R. – Land O’ Lakes

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