Does Clean Ductwork Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Clean Ductwork Improve Indoor Air Quality

Clean ductwork and good indoor air quality are important to many people. The air quality inside your home or business is dependent on the cleanliness of the ductwork. Cleaning the ductwork and vents also improves the efficiency of the air system and prevents fire risks.

So How Does Clean Ductwork Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Dust and dirt accumulate in the ductwork which hurts your indoor air quality. A lot of the dirt and dust that accumulates in the ductwork adheres to the ductwork and to the components of your HVAC system. This does not mean that it necessarily becomes airborne and enters our breathing space. But, this accumulation is a perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other fungi that are definite sources of indoor air pollution. It also reduces the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Many home and business owners are concerned about their indoor air quality. Having clean ductwork is one way to improve the indoor air quality. There are also other ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home or business. Changing your filters on a regular basis not only improves the indoor air quality, it also helps your energy savings and improves the function of your HVAC system. A clogged AC filter can reduce airflow significantly, increasing the amount of time your system runs and putting significant stress on your air conditioner’s internal components. Replacing your air conditioning filter routinely will help keep your system running smoothly and prevent the buildup of mold, dust and other allergens which could, in turn, make your duct work dirty and contaminated.

In most cases, if you are replacing your air conditioning filters on the proper interval each month, then having your air ducts cleaned might not be necessary. Having your air ducts cleaned can give you a piece of mind. Think about it, you have no idea what is hiding in the depths of your air ducts.

Remember, the easier it is for the air to flow through your air ducts, the better your system performs delivering that air to your living spaces. Any blockage that is in your air ducts will prevent the air to flow properly which will mean higher energy costs over time.

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