Commercial AC Preventative Maintenance Agreements Equals Savings

Commercial AC preventative maintenance

Do you own a business? Chances are your lease requires you to have the commercial air conditioning system maintained and/or repaired. It is equally important to have the air conditioning system maintained even if not required in your lease.

The last thing you want for your customers is to walk into a hot store because your commercial air conditioning system has broken down. In most cases an AC repair in Land O Lakes or surrounding areas can be avoided by having a maintenance visit done on a quarterly preventative maintenance agreement. We repair and maintain all makes and models of commercial air conditioning equipment.

Checklist for Your Commercial AC Preventative Maintenance

When having your system maintained the following should be checked: Voltage being supplied, Amperage of motors, visual inspection of electrical area and remove any debris, check belt and replace if needed, check operation of outdoor air damper, clean indoor coil, clean drain pan, flush drain line, place detergent tablets in drain pan, clean outdoor coil, lubricate motors, check static pressure of air flow, temperature of air entering the air conditioner and leaving, check refrigerant pressures and check temperature of copper pipes.

In addition a dirty filter can wreak havoc on and air conditioning system and its performance. In most cases new filters are included with a commercial ac preventative maintenance. Want To Schedule Your Maintenance Today? Call now for more information you can reach us at 813-929-4295.


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