Common Service Call Problem: Clogged Air Conditioning Drain Line

Clogged Air Conditioning Drain Line

Here at Air Hawk AC we ran a service call this morning and found a clogged air conditioning drain line on a air-conditioning system in Land O Lakes. This is a picture of what we pulled out of the drain line.

AC Drain Line Cleared

Clogged air-conditioning drain line is one of the most common problem we run into on service calls. Air-conditioning maintenance can help prevent this from happening. Never use bleach, vinegar or any other solution to clear the drain line. The best way to clear a drain is with a wet dry vac and flushing it with water while the shop vac. You can get a common shop vac at Home Depot for about $30.

Have a Clogged Drain Line?

If you have a clogged drain line in Land O’Lakes Florida please call Air Hawk heating and cooling at 813-929-429. You can also schedule your service call through our website on our Contact Us Page.


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