Do You Need A UV Air Purifier?

Freestanding UV air purifier in bedroom

Most people have spent a lot more time inside this year. And although many might not notice, traditionally the air quality inside their homes is actually worse than the air quality outside. This is one reason that changing your air filters regularly is so important. But could there be a way to make your indoor air quality even better? One solution to consider is a UV light air purifier.

What Is A UV Light Air Purifier?

A UV air purifier is designed to leverage short-wave ultraviolet light to eliminate airborne pathogens and microorganisms such as dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses from the air. Most UV air purifiers on the market are either freestanding or directly installed into a preexisting HVAC unit.

There are a few factors that impact the effectiveness of a UV air purifier. The first factor intensity and wavelength. The optimal UV-C wavelength for UV germicidal irradiation is 254 nanometers. The second factor is UC light exposure time. If the dwell time of the pathogen isn’t long enough, the UV light air purifier will not be effective. The third factor is proximity to the UV light. If the pathogens do not come close enough the light, the purifier will not be effective. The final factor is the frequency of air changes per hour. The more often the purifier can exchange the air, the more effective it will be at eliminating pathogens and microogranisms.

Should You Add A UV Air Purifier to Your HVAC System?

A UV light air purifier can be a great addition to your indoor air quality system. Before making a decision it is important to reach the device or consult a professional. All UV air purifiers are not made the same. Keep in mind the factors that impact the effectiveness of a UV air purifier. Need help determining if a UV air purifier is right for you? Contact the Air Hawk team and we will help walk you through the process and help you choose the best UV air purifier for your home.

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