Does Your Home Have Air Leaks?

home living room with window sealing to prevent air leaks

As the seasons begin to change, getting prepared for the summer weather becomes more and more essential. To avoid an overheated home this summer, it is crucial to not only ensure that cool air isn’t escaping but also that warm air from outside into leaking into your home. Here are few ways to help avoid this and help keep those energy bills under control this summer.

Check For Air Leaks

If you already have an annual maintenance plan with Air Hawk, our team can help you determine if and where you have air leaks. If not, you can also do a preliminary survey of your home to check for areas where air might be leaking in or out. Simply light an incense and walk around your home. Any time you notice the smoke blowing sideways, it’s an indication that there is an air leak nearby. Don’t forget to check the basement and the attic as these areas are commonly where heat escapes or gets trapped. Once you’ve identified these leak zones, it’s time to determine the best way to correct the issue.

Fix Air Leaks

Did you know that even the smallest cracks and gaps can cause your home to lose up to 25% of its cool air? That becomes even more staggering when you consider what that translates to on your energy bill. Any time your HVAC system is forced to work harder, it means more money out of your pocket. We want to help you avoid this. Here are a few steps that you can take on your own or with the help of a professional to ensure your home is properly sealed.

  • Seal your windows or get new windows installed
  • Use door sweepers at all your exterior doors
  • Apply weather stripping around your doors and windows
  • Have new insulation added to your basement or attic—especially if you live in an older home

Florida summers can be brutal on your HVAC system. Help keep your costs down this summer by taking the time to weather seal your home and ensure that air leaks are kept to a minimum. Need help starting? Contact the Air Hawk team today and we will work with your to inspect your home for any position air leaks or other HVAC issues.

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