Don’t Forget To Change Your Air Filters

Change Your Air Filters To Keep your AC Running Smooth

For many homeowners, it is easy to forget to change your air filters but it’s one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to keep your AC running its best.

Allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, mold quickly accumulate on the air filters and are recirculated throughout your home. When the filters remain unchanged, a clogged air filter can wreak havoc on your AC unit and your home’s air quality

Reasons To Change Your Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters are the top reason for HVAC system failure and expensive AC repair. They restrict air flow into your systems air handler which places additional strain on the air handler fan motor. Over time, this can cause the motor to burn out, resulting in an overheating system and ultimately your AC to fail. Replacing filters is much more economical than having to have your system repaired or replaced.

A dirty air filter means your AC works much harder to cool your house, which means it takes more power to fuel it. A lot of money could be saved by simply changing the filter. A clogged filter can use 15% more energy and lead to insufficient heating and cooling because the blower must strain to pass air through causing a reduction in your air flow.

If the filter is dirty, everything past the filter is dirty too, including the air you breathe. Your home is full of dust and allergens. Change the AC filters so that dust and debris get filtered out rather than re-circulated back into your home.

We recommended you change your air filter once a month. Find a schedule that works best for you to remember. Change them when you pay your power bill or your mortgage payment or use a calendar or a smartphone app to remember this “must do” chore.

You can extend the life of one of the biggest financial investments in your home just by changing your AC filters.

Change Your Air Filters and Improve Indoor Air Quality Today

If you have concerns about your air filters or your indoor air quality, Air Hawk Heating and Cooling can provide a complete evaluation of your home and HVAC system. We offer FREE ESTIMATES on all our indoor air quality products. Call us at 727-SAME-DAY with any questions you may have.

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