Energy Bill High? Here’s Why

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Summertime—the time of year most people look forward to all year. And while in other states it’s partially due to the change in the weather, here in Florida it mostly means vacations, pool parties, family gatherings, and less time away from home. There is also one more thing we can usually look forward to in the summer—higher utility costs.

Unfortunately—to a certain at existent—higher utility costs are unavoidable during the summer months. Why? Seasonal increases in energy rates. Just like seasonal rates on gasoline and other commodities, electricity is confined to the laws of supply and demand. Because more people are at home during the summer months, consumption increases thus driving up the demand.

Electricity is also more expensive during peak usage times. That means that if your family tends to use most of its electricity around say 7:00pm, you’re likely paying a higher rate and thus driving up the cost of your utility bill. Since families are generally home more during the day in the summer, there might be an opportunity to take advantage of off times to help offset your electricity costs.

The other more obvious cause of an increase in your utility bill during the summer months is consumption. Since more people generally spend more time at home during the summer, they tend to just consume more electricity. Think about it. During other times of the year, your air conditioner is on a schedule that allows it to have some relief during the day. However, during the summer months, it is likely running more frequently to maintain a comfortable environment for those family members who are home during the day.

While it may be tempting to crack up the AC during those hot summer days, you’ll thank yourself when you energy bill comes for setting your thermostat to a modest temperature. In addition to using the best summer thermostat settings for comfort and savings, you can also leverage some our tips for how to stay cool without cracking up the air conditioner.

If you notice that your utility bill is unusually high compared to past years, compare your meter to your bill to ensure that no mistakes were made. Being attentive to such discrepancies could translate into cost savings for you. While it is more common for your utility bill to be higher during the summer, there are ways to help prevent your bill from skyrocketing. If you have questions or would like more tips for keeping your home cool without significantly driving up your energy costs, contact our team. We can help ensure that you are using the most ideal settings and that your air conditioning unit is running efficiently to help keep your overall costs reasonable this summer.

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