Five Tips To Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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As you prepare for another Florida summer, we want to help you save some money on your energy bill. While most in-home appliances and HVAC systems are much more efficient and energy friendly than they were even 15 years ago, when those temperatures start to soar, your energy bill might follow. Without spending a ton of extra money, here a few tips to boost your home’s energy efficiency for cost savings.

1. HVAC Maintenance

If you want to ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently and not leading to a surge in your energy bill, HVAC maintenance should be a top priority. Performing annual maintenance and regularly changing your filters allows air to flow freely through your system. This keeps your system for overworking—resulting in lower utility costs. If you haven’t already, we recommend getting an HVAC maintenance plan to ensure your HVAC system doesn’t have any underlying issues and to prevent you from paying for unexpected repair expenses—or increased energy costs.

2. Proper Insulation

Have you noticed that your home just can’t seem to stay cool? You could have an issue with insulation. Proper insulation will prevent air from escaping your home—ensuring that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work harder to keep your home cool. Insulation creates a barrier which helps reduce the amount of heat from the sun trapped in the upper section of your home. When your home is properly insulated, the temperature gap between your upper and lower levels is reduced. The result? A much more efficient HVAC system. If you’re unsure if you have insulation issues, schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians. They will inspect your home and determine if you need to reinsulate your home.

3. Covered Windows

While we all love the sun when we’re spending time outside, it’s not the best for maintaining a cool home during a Florida summer. Did you know that using blackout curtains or blinds during the day can help decrease the base temperature of your home? Once again, this allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently. Whether you’re home during the day or you spend the day at work, drawing your curtains or blinds during the midday is a great way to help cut energy costs.

4. Programmable Thermostat

Technology has made our lives so much easier. Why not take advantage of it to help keep your energy costs down? Leveraging a programmable or wifi thermostat allows you to create an HVAC schedule to prevent your AC from running constantly. You can schedule your AC to come on right before you arrive home to ensure that you return to a cool house—without overexerting your system while the house is empty. Thanks to machine learning, your programmable thermostat can also learn your family’s patterns and create the most energy efficient adjustments—resulting in energy costs savings.

5. Ceiling Fans

Did you know that ceiling fans do not actually produce cool air? But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to help reduce your energy expenses. Ceiling fans actually help to circulate air throughout the room. This helps your air conditioning a more efficient process. So instead of cracking up the AC, try leveraging your ceiling fans to help cut your cooling expenses.

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