Heat Pump Maintenance in Palm Harbor Kickstart Savings

Heat Pump Maintenance

We all know that a car will consume the most gas getting up to speed. Once the car is moving along then your MPG will improve. The same can be said for an air conditioning system. When their conditioner starts up it consumes more power.

During an air conditioning maintenance visit in Palm Harbor, it is routine for our air conditioning technicians to check the starting capabilities of the compressor and perform any necessary heat pump maintenance.

Heat Pump Compressor AMP Repair

We are able to record the AMP draw when the heat pump compressor starts up. We then add a kickstart assembly and re check the AMP draw. The heat pump compressor start up AMP draw was lowered by 39 percent!

Heat Pump Compressor AMP Repair Palm Harbor

The kickstart can also eases the torque needed to start the heat pump compressor motor. That can extend the life of your heat pump and/or air conditioning system.

Do You Need Heat Pump Maintenance on Your AC System?

Making a small investment can save you money every month! Call now 813-929-4295 to schedule your service. We travel all over the Tampa Bay area including Palm Harbor.


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