Heat Pump Not Heating or Cooling? Here’s Why

Heat pumps outside of home

There’s nothing like a comfortable home. And a heat pump can be a great way to keep your home’s temperature just right all year. Unfortunately, if an issue arises, it can make being at home unbearable. Here are a few common heat pump issues that can keep it from heating or cooling your home properly.

No Power

Whenever there’s a problem, it’s usually best to start with the most obvious possibility. In this case, is there an issue with the power source used for your heat pump? We recommend checking the circuit breaker to see if it needs to be reset. Upon inspection of the unit, you notice that there appear to be frayed wires, do not attempt to repair on your own—unless you’re a licensed electrician. Instead seek the assistance of a professional.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Another seemingly obvious issue is that the thermostat isn’t properly set. If you notice that your heat pump isn’t heating or cooling, check to see if the thermostat is set to the correct option. If it’s properly set, there might be an electrical issue preventing it from properly communicating with the heat pump. Once again, we recommend calling a professional to assist you.

Now that the most obvious culprits are out of the way, let’s start looking at other possible reasons your heart pump isn’t heating or cooling properly.

Dirty Air Filters

You probably knew this would be on the list. Air filters help to capture dirt and debris and keep those particles out of the air—improving overall indoor air quality. But when they get clogged up from lack of maintenance and routine changes, they can actually prevent proper airflow. Luckily, the fix is an easy one. Simply change your air filters and keep up a maintenance schedule to ensure that you’re checking your filters every 30 days.

Blocked Outdoor Unit

A heat pump works by pulling in the heat from the air outside and cycles it into your home. If the unit is blocked by leaves or other forms of debris, it will not be able to do this efficiently. The solution is simple: clear the area around your outdoor unit. This is another item you can add to your heat pump maintenance checklist. If you clean the debris from around your unit and still believe there might be issues, contact the Air Hawk team and we’ll come out and make sure there isn’t an internal blockage problem.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Have you noticed any leaks around your heat pump? If you refrigerant levels are low, it can cause your heat pump to struggle to properly heat or cooling the air it pulls in from outside. If you suspect there is a refrigerant leak, schedule an appointment with an Air Hawk technician. Our tech will check the levels and fix any leaks.

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