How Humidity Effects Air Conditioner Performance

Effect of Humidity on Air Conditioner

Sticky. Muggy. Damp. These words are often used to describe humid weather. But no one wants them to describe the conditions inside their home. However, if your air conditioning unit isn’t working properly, the humidity outside can find its way inside. So exactly how does humidity effect your air conditioner?

Part of the function of an air conditioner is to remove the excess moisture from the air. When humidity is high, your air conditioner has to work harder to pull the heat and moisture out of the air. If the unit is not properly maintained or is not the proper size for your space, it will struggle to perform this task. The result—your home will feel warmer.

Tips For Reducing The Strain Of Humidity

Here are a few tactics you can use to help reduce the strain on your system on humid days.

  1. Start cooling the house off before the humidity hits
  2. Keep all your vents open to allow optimal air flow
  3. Ensure that the area around your unit is clean and clear of debris
  4. Keep up with your annual maintenance including replacing air filters

When humid days arise—which they will—make sure your unit is ready to handle the workload so you aren’t left feeling sticky in your own home. Want to make sure your ac unit is prepared to handle the humidity? Call us today at (813) 929-4295 or request an appointment online to schedule preventative maintenance. Our technicians are standing by to help keep your HVAC system running at peak performance.

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