How To Keep Heating Costs Low During The Winter

hvac issues in winter

Unlike many other states, in Florida, we enjoy mostly mild winters. Some may go as far as to say that we have some of the best winter weather in the country. But on those occasions when the temperature does dip a little low, it might be very tempting to crank up the heat. Unfortunately, you might not like the energy bill that comes along with that decision.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm Without Cranking Up the Heat

1. Check Your Homes Insulation and Windows: When is the last time you inspected the insulation in your attic? When not properly insulted, heat can escape through the attic. The insulation available today is much more effective than older installation. If it’s been a while since you had your installation checked, you could benefit from having your insulation replaced.

Another source of escape is windows. If your windows are not properly sealed, your home could be holding heat less effectively than it should. Take a survey of all the windows in your home and identify all, if any, that are a source of draft. You can then opt to have your windows resealed or chose to have new windows installed. This will have long term benefits that will go well beyond the winter season.

2. Keep Your Curtains Open During the Day: As we all know, the sun is an amazing heating source. So why not use that to your benefit when the temperatures take a dip? By leaving your curtains open during the day, you can leverage the warmth of the sun to heat up the rooms in your home. Once the sun sets, be sure to close all the curtains (and blinds) to slow the escape of heat. This little tip can help you avoid overworking your heat.

3. Use a Programmable Thermostat: Just as we recommend using a schedule during heat waves, we also recommend leveraging your programmable thermostat to avoid overusing your heat during the winter months. Running your heat all day is not the most efficient or effective way to heat your home. By setting a schedule, you ensure that your home is heated at the most appropriate times. No need to have your heat on full blast while you’re at work and the children are at school. Instead, schedule you heat to come on about 30 minutes before you arrive home. This will help keep your energy bill from skyrocketing when the temperature takes a nosedive.

4. Stick to Your HVAC Maintenance Schedule: If your HVAC system is not properly maintained, it won’t run at peak efficiency. We recommend sticking to annual maintenance with the Air Hawk team. This ensures that any issues with your system are detected and fixed before they turn into costly repairs. Preventative care is always the best option—even with your HVAC system. If you notice strange noises or some other issue, don’t wait around to see if it goes away on its own. Call the Air Hawk team and schedule an appointment. We will do a thorough check of your system and ensure that any problems are taken care of immediately. Don’t let winter get the best of you this year—implement our tips and keep your energy bill low.

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