How To Stay Cool And Reduce Your Utility Bill During the Summer

AC Blowing Hot Air? This Could Be Why

Florida summers can get hot—and it’s even worse when you’re spending more time inside. No one wants to watch the utility bill sore because the air conditioner is running more often. How can you keep cool without driving your utility bill up? Here are three nontraditional ways to help get your home cool.

Plant Trees

When your outside and the sun is beaming, there’s often no better relief than the comforts of a shaded tree. Adding trees to your landscaping can help to add more shade to your property—helping to reduce the direct sun rays hitting your windows. Not only can you add some personality to your curb, but it will also help to naturally keep your home cooler.

Rearrange Furniture

Has your furniture been set up the same way since you moved it? If you’ve noticed that your home isn’t as cool as it should be, it could be because the vents are being blocked by the furniture. Try rearranging the furniture in all rooms that are running warmer than other rooms in the house. This will help cool off your home without requiring you to crack up the AC.

Leverage Blackout Blinds

Keeping the sun out can help decrease the base temperature of your home. Just as with the trees in the first suggestion, blackout blinds can be leveraged during the midday when the sun is most intense. This is especially beneficial in those rooms that have windows that are directly in the path of the sun.

When you live in Florida, there’s really no way to avoid running the AC during the summer. But just because you have to use your air conditioner, it doesn’t mean you have to break your pockets. Incorporating these types along with a few others such as using ceiling fans and a programmable thermostat can help keep your home cool and your utility bill manageable.

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