HVAC Noises And What They Mean

Have you ever turned on your HVAC system and heard a strange noise—then thought to yourself, “That can’t be right?” You aren’t the only one. Let’s identify those noises and explore just what they mean.


This noise is typically identified by the sound that suggests that something is loose and moving around the system. And it probably is. Debris such as twigs and small rocks can get stuck in your outdoor condenser and cause the rattling noise. Debris can also enter the system via floor vents. That’s why keeping your outdoor unit clear and doing regularly checks is important to maintaining your system.

Start with a visual inspection of the unit. Once you’ve identified the problem, make sure the system is shut off before attempting to remove any debris. If you are unable to reach the debris on your own, call a professional to assist you and ensure that there are no additional issues.


Do you hear a slight hissing noise when your system is running? This could be a sign that there’s an issue with your filter. Check to see that your filter is the correct size and properly installed. On the other hand, if the hissing is loud, there is a more serious issue to address.

The loud hissing indicates that air is escaping in places it shouldn’t. Depending on where the hissing is coming from, it could indicate an issue with the ductwork or an issue with the vents. The best solution is to call a professional to evaluate the situation.


If you hear clanking, it is not a good sign. This typically signifies that a part is loose inside the unit. If you ignore this sound, it could lead to very costly repairs so do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment with the Air Hawk team immediately.

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