Iced Up Air Conditioner What To Do

Iced Up Air Conditioner

You have an iced up air conditioner! What do you do? If you notice ice accumulating on the air conditioning system you should turn the system to OFF and set the fan to the ON position.

What Causes an Iced Up Air Conditioner

Iced Up AC System Trinity Land O Lakes

Several problems can cause the coil to ice up. One of the first things you can check is your filter. A lot of the time we neglect to change our air filters in a timely manner. A clogged filter starves the evaporator coil of air flow allowing the temperature to drop below the freezing point. Ice will then begin to accumulate on the indoor coil and copper pipes which will eventually block the air flow in to the home leaving you with a uncomfortable home. It can take several hours for the ice to melt away and usually will make a watery mess. A impacted (clogged) evaporative coil can cause the same symptoms but is not as easily remedied as a dirty filter. In some cases the coil will need to be removed from the air handler, cleaned and then reinstalled. Both of these problems can be avoided with regular maintenance on your air conditioning system and checking your filter every 30 days.

Another problem that would cause the coil to accumulate ice would be a lack of air flow from a malfunctioning blower motor or collapsed duct. These problems would require a professional to come to your home to make the needed repairs. You will want to check your air handler to determine if that fan motor is operating. You can usually hear the motor running or can touch the air handler and you should be able to feel a vibration if the motor is operational. If you do not hear or feel anything at the air handler then chances are you have a faulty blower motor. A collapsed duct is very rare but does happen from time to time.

Finally, a low refrigerant charge can cause the coil to drop below the freezing point allowing ice to accumulate on the coil. This problem would also require a professional to come to your home and evaluate the air conditioning system. An air conditioning system does not need a refrigerant recharge unless there is a leak. Adding refrigerant to the system will temporarily fix the problem but the ice will be back once the refrigerant has leaked out again. If this is the case then your technician will need to perform a leak search on the system. Air Hawk heating and Cooling will perform a leak search at no charge during a service call visit.

What To Do If You Have An Iced Up Air Conditioner 

If your system is icing up the first thing you should do is TURN THE SYSTEM OFF. Then Call Air Hawk Heating and Cooling to set up an appointment for one of our friendly professional technicians to come out and evaluate your system.

We can be reached at 813-929-HAWK (4295) or you can fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page to schedule your service!


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