The Importance Of Maintenance For Your Air Conditioning System

Maintenance For Your Air Conditioning System

When you replace the air conditioning system you will find that it’s one of the most expensive appliances in your home. Why let something that expensive go to the dogs? Proper maintenance is a must and recommended by all manufacturers. When done properly proper maintenance will extend the life of your HVAC system and help keep the power bill low.

When you decide to schedule an HVAC maintenance you will see there is no shortages of choices. You can go cheap with $29.95 or you can go high end with a system rejuvenation that cost $600. There is a lot of choices in between that range too. Regardless of which company you choose there are some key things that need to be cleaned periodically:

  • Indoor coil should be cleaned 2 or 3 times during the life of the system(10 years)
  • Drain line should be cleaned twice a year at minimum to prevent the line from clogging
  • The drain pan should be cleaned once a year to prevent a buildup of sludge
  • Electrical components should be cleaned and ensure no insect or pest have met their demise on the electrical circuit
  • Cleaning the outdoor coil keeps the system running cool

Having the system maintained regularly also looks good to the manufacturer. In the event a part fails under the manufacturer warranty and its due to neglect the Manufacturer could deny your claim. Regular Air Conditioning System maintenance will also prevent costly breakdowns that can leave you hot when you need your air conditioning the most. An indoor condition can dictate how frequent your system should be cleaned. Air Hawk Heating and cooling recommends having the maintenance done twice a year.

During a maintenance visit, our technicians can help change all the filers in your home, change the batteries in your thermostat and answer any question you may have. We give you the knowledge you need to help keep the system running all year round. The maintenance visit is a chance for us to point out any potential problems and give you the opportunity to fix the problem before it leaves you stranded with no air conditioning or heat.

Need Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning System?

At Air Hawk Heating and Cooling we offer three types of air conditioning maintenance to choice from and depending on the age and condition of your system will determine what option you should take. If your system is only one or two years old then our basic service should be sufficient. If your system is over 5 years old then you should consider either our premium package or preferred package. If you don’t change your filter frequently then chance are you will need our premium maintenance to remove the buildup of dirt and debris from the unit.

Visit our services section for more details and do not hesitate to call Air Hawk Heating and Cooling with any questions you may have!


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