How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce VOCs In Your Home

Reduce VOCs From Polluting Indoor Air Quality

Understanding Indoor Air Quality and VOCs

Most of us spend a lot of our time indoors. Having good indoor air quality is important to you and your family’s health. The air that we breathe in our homes, offices, and schools can put us at risk for health problems.

There are several sources of air pollutants in our homes, offices and schools. Many can cause health problems such as sore eyes, headaches, and fatigue. Others can be more severe such as allergies, respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and cancer.

How VOC’s Pollute Your Indoor Air Quality

Understanding and controlling some of the common pollutants found in your home, office and school may help improve your indoor air quality and reduce your family’s risk of health concerns related to indoor air quality.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are emitted by a wide array of products used in homes including:

  • Paints and lacquers
  • Paint strippers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Varnishes and waxes
  • Building materials and furnishings
  • Pesticides
  • Moth repellents
  • Dry-cleaned clothing
  • Office equipment Air fresheners

VOCs evaporate into the air when these products are used or sometimes even when they are stored. VOCs irritate the nose and throat, cause headaches, nausea and can damage the liver kidneys and central nervous system.

Like many indoor air pollutants, the best way to reduce VOCs exposure is to remove or not use products that emit VOCs. Reduce exposure by increasing ventilation when working with VOC emitting products. If you wear dry-cleaned clothing, ensure the clothing does not have a chemical smell—consider switching to an environmentally friendly dry cleaner.

If you rent a home that may have a significant number of VOC emitting products with it, or was recently repainted, consider purchasing an activated carbon air purifier for your home. These filters are the only type of commercial filter that can remove VOCs from the air in a closed room.

Reduce VOCs In Your Home Today!

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