Indoor Humidity: How to manage

Indoor Humidity

Indoor humidity in your house should be between 45-55% for maximum comfort. When humidity gets into the 60-70% range, it starts to get uncomfortable. Here are some things that can happen:

  • It feels hotter
  • The air will feel wet
  • Some experience sleep problems
  • Your hair will get frizzy (Not a concern for most, but for some, disaster!)
  • Makeup slides off (again, not a concern for some, but huge catastrophe for others)
  • Mold starts to grow and multiply
  • Mildew forms and leaves stains on fabric
  • Moisture in the air will cause wood to swell and start to deteriorate

This is not an extensive list, and there are many reason you want to keep the indoor humidity at bay in your home.

How do you manage indoor humidity for maximum comfort?

Removing unwanted moisture in your home is one of the primary functions of your home’s air conditioning system. However, your air conditioning system may not be enough to remove the excess moisture that comes into your home.

So what do you do to manage the indoor humidity? Start by measuring it. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and indoor relative humidity can be easily measured with an inexpensive humidistat. The ideal indoor relative humidity is between 45% and 55%, but should be maintained between 40% and 60%.

Use the humidistat to evaluate the effectiveness of various moisture management strategies. The best tools are venting, heating and cooling. Your bathroom fans and kitchen fans are very effective if vented outside the home properly. However, many kitchen hoods only recirculate moisture and cooking odors come back into the home. Also, bathroom fans often dump into the attic, which can cause mold. Make sure all of your fans are vented properly.

Second, if your humidity is too high, running the air conditioner will remove moisture from the home. This is an important part of summer comfort, because the air conditioner will dehumidify as it cools the air. Investing in a thermostat that can monitor and actively maintain indoor relative humidity is an inexpensive option.

OR, set your air conditioner thermostat to lower temperature by only a few degrees. It will remove indoor humidity as it operates to cool the air.

If you need assistance in measuring your indoor humidity give one of our trustworthy and knowledgeable professional service techs a call at 813-929-HAWK (4295) or 727-SAME DAY. We will be glad to help in any way.


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