Interested In Reducing Your Cooling Cost This Summer?

Reduce Cooling Cost Tips

Whether you rent your home or own it, taking proactive steps to reduce your cooling cost is a no brainer. Here are 5 no-cost tips that will help tremendously so you won’t experience those high priced power/energy bills this summer.

Cooling Cost Tips For Your Air Conditioner

1. Run your AC more economically. When you are out of the house or sleeping, set your AC as high as is comfortably possible. Also, using a programmable thermostat to increase the temperature when you’re out, or asleep, could easily decrease your summer cooling bill by 10%. Also, remember when you come into your hot house that turning your AC to a cooler than normal temperature WILL NOT cool your rooms any faster. And chances are good that you won’t remember that you turned it down, resulting in wasteful spending. The25 smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures throughout the summer season, the less you’ll spend. Set your AC’s thermostat to 78ºF instead of 72ºF, if you don’t mind a little heat, and you could possibly save as much as 18% off your summer AC costs.

2. Maintain your AC systems. If you don’t care for your HVAC equipment, it will not reduce your AC costs this summer, or ever. It’s not enough to use an energy-efficient AC and install a programmable thermostat if you don’t properly care for your equipment. Dirty filters block airflow and make units work harder to cool your home. Cleaning and replacing filters once per month will lower an AC’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. If you have a central cooling system, be sure that the registers aren’t blocked with dust pet dander or furniture. You should also make sure that your outdoor unit is free of dirt, grass, leaves and any other debris. Also, trim your bushes and foliage so that it always at least 2 feet from the condenser.

3. Use a ceiling fan or other type of circulating fan. A fan will not cool a room but it will make it more comfortable to be in. A circulating fan can make you feel 6 or 7 degrees cooler. However, remember to turn the fan off when no one is using it, otherwise, it is a waste of electricity. If you also use an air conditioner, a ceiling fan helps disperse cooled air more efficiently and allows you to raise its thermostat by as much as 4 degrees, with little or no discomfort.

4. Close your blinds, shades or curtains. Whatever your window treatments are if you keep them closed all day you will prevent solar heat buildup which will result in significant savings on your summer AC bill. If you use a lighter colored treatment the more they’ll deflect the sun’s scorching rays. Try and hang your shades as close to windowpanes as possible, this allows them to also block outdoor heat from heating up the inside. Consider insulated or reflective shades, which will also save you cooling cost come heating season.

5. Avoid using appliances that heat up during the day. Try and avoid using appliances that generate a lot of heat during the day. Try and microwave or grill your food outside instead of using your stove that heats up the kitchen. Using the dishwasher and clothes dryer during the heat of the day will increase the cost of your summer AC bill. Try letting your clothes air dry or hang them on a clothes line. Wash your dishes by hand or wait until the evening hours when it is cooler to start your dishwasher. And if you must bathe during the heat of the day, always use the bathroom exhaust fan to spot-ventilate and remove excess heat and humidity. Computers, stereos, and TVs are also big heat-generators. By keeping these turned off as much as possible you will save cooling cost on your summer AC bill.

If you follow these simple steps, you will likely see a drop in your summer power bill or cooling cost. Contact us at Air Hawk Heating and Cooling at 813-929-HAWK or 727-SAME DAY for all of your HVAC needs.

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