My AC Is Leaking Refrigerant. Do I Repair or Replace?

Leaking refrigerant repair

Leaking refrigerant can be a serious problem in your unit. R22 is a type of refrigerant in your air conditioner that helps remove the heat from inside your home. When your air conditioning unit leaks refrigerant, it causes the evaporator coil to drop below 32° and ice will begin to form. If left unattended, even if it’s a hot day in sunny Florida, the coil will turn into a block of ice and the air flow will be blocked. 

Is Leaking Refrigerant a Death Sentence For My Unit

Depending on the age of the air conditioner or the severity of the leak, Air Hawk’s HVAC technician will recommend to you whether the unit should be repaired or replaced.  For example, if your unit is old, not only would the repairs outweigh the cost of a new unit, but the energy savings of new air conditioning unit will significantly reduce your electricity bill due to their increased efficiency.  In addition, a new unit would likely qualify you for an energy efficient tax credit. So, replacing an older AC unit has more advantages that you might think. 

If you have been diligent in your AC maintenance and have had your AC unit serviced on a regular basis, a repair might be all you will need. Air Hawk’s trustworthy and knowledgable technicians can help you make that determination.

Safety First. Call Air Hawk AC

Never attempt to make dangerous air conditioning repairs without first consulting our HVAC certified specialists.  The oils used in HFC refrigerants will absorb moisture, and if you get it on your skin it will cause it to burn.  Air Conditioning units also use high voltages during operation, and even though you’ve shut off the system, there could still be a charge stored, creating a potential shock hazard.

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