What Are Media Air Filters?

Media Air Filters In Your HVAC System

Media air filters are installed on the return air duct line and work to trap very small particles as the air handler takes air from the return ducts. They are worth every penny to provide you with efficient, top indoor air quality. They purify your air and keeps allergens away so that you can breathe the fresh, clean air circulated by your HVAC system.

Mechanical And Electronic Media Air Filters

Options are available for the filtration method, such as mechanical or surface media filtration using fibrous, layered and pleated filters. HEPA air filters provide even greater efficiency, and electronic air cleaners work by charging the small particles and taking them from the air (also called an ionic air purifier, which is an electrostatic air cleaner). There are a variety of hybrid filters on the market today that combine the best of mechanical and electronic filtration. The cost for media air filters is determined by the design, system type, number of stages and components.

Media Air Filter Features

There are many benefits to using a media air filter for efficient air purification. Some of the advantages include:

  •  extended time between filter changes
  • does a superior job of keeping the equipment clean
  • helps to keep your house clean
  • reduces backpressure on your airflow
  • replace one time a year

Our technicians will ensure that the media air filter is sealed properly so that you get the most efficiency and filtering effectiveness from your filter. It is necessary to have these filtering systems professionally installed to keep the ductwork and system configuration working properly. These filters do not have to be changed as frequently as standard 1” furnace filters, and usually are replaced annually, instead of every few months.

Get a Media Air Filter for Your HVAC System

Better air quality and cleaner air give you a healthier home or business. If you interested in a media air filter for your HVAC system, call Air Hawk Heating and Cooling at 727-SAME-DAY or visit online at www.AirHawkAC.com. We look forward to helping you get cleaner indoor air.

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