New Windows = Cost Savings

house with energy efficient windows

Summer is on the horizon—now is the time to prepare. Even if your AC is in perfect working condition, other factors in your home could drive your energy costs up. There could be a few steps you can take now to help avoid higher costs this summer.

Did you know that your windows could be adding to your energy bill? When your home is drafty, heat or cool air is constantly escaping which causes your HVAC to work less efficiently. This of course leads to higher energy bills. If you’ve noticed gaps or cracks around your windows, it might be time to consider new window installation.

Not only does the insulation of the window impact its efficiency, the material of the actual window itself plays a huge factor. Heat transferred through the window via conduction. That means that during colder months, the heat generated by your HVAC is lost not only through cracks and gaps but also directly through the window panes and frames.

For better energy efficiency and to preserve heat, energy efficient windows are made of materials that have a higher insulating value. Features include multiple panes of efficient glass that are often given a reflective coating. The space between the panes is then filled with an insulating gas, such as Argon, which also helps to slow and reduce the transmission of indoor heat to the exterior of your home.

Also keep in mind that a window’s energy efficiency is also determined by, among other things, your local climate, the orientation of your home, the size and location of the windows, the method you use to heat and cool your home and the degree of shading around the house.

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