Programmable Thermostat What’s the Big Deal?

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A programmable thermostat is a great way to save energy and money! The problem is a majority of people don’t know how to program their thermostat and utilize money saving features. As time goes on more and more features are be adding to thermostats such as humidity control, vacation mode, HOLD, Wi-Fi and motion sensors. This can make it even more confusing! It is our goal that by the time you’re done reading this blog you will have a better understanding of how a programmable thermostat works.

Understanding How a Programmable Thermostat Works

We will start with the number of days that can be programmed. Usually On the thermostat packaging will indicate if its 7 day programmable, 5-2 programmable or 5-1-1 programmable.

  • 7 day programmable- This means all 7 days of the week can be programmed independently from each other. Monday is different than Tuesday, Tuesday is different than Wednesday, so on and so forth….
  • 5-2 programmable-This means that Monday through Friday are programmed the same and the weekends are programmed the same.
  • 5-1-1 programmable-This means that Monday through Friday are programmed the same with Saturday and Sunday being programmed independently from each other.

Most thermostats will have 4 periods in which the temperature will change at a set time. The periods in a day are commonly called wake-day-night-sleep. You assign the time to each period as you are programming. Some thermostats will allow you to reduce the time periods by 2, but not all offer that feature. If you only need to change the temperature a couple of times during the day then you can program 2 periods with the same temperature.

Let’s say you are having company and you want to adjust the temperature. There is no need to re-program the thermostat, you simply change the temperature and in 2-3 hours the temperature setting will automatically revert back to the programmed schedule. The HOLD button is used to keep(hold) the temperature at the point you set it. It will NOT revert back to the schedule in 2-3 hours. By pressing the HOLD button a second time will cancel the hold and the programmed schedule will resume.

The vacation mode is used for setting the temperature to a higher setting for an extended amount of time. If you’re going to Orlando for the weekend this feature would be useful. When you return from your vacation your home will be ready and comfortable!

In Trinity, Florida controlling the humidity in your home can make it more comfortable and maintain a healthy environment. Some thermostats come with a humidity control option that can either humidify or dehumidify. In Land o’ Lakes, FL you will want to dehumidify only. In the northern part of the country is where adding humidity to the air is necessary. With normal operation of the system during the summer months, your air conditioner should maintain a humidity of 50-55%, most people are comfortable within that percentage.

Wi-Fi capability has given us the ability to control our comfort from across the room, country or the world! Not all thermostats have this feature.

Motion sensors are becoming more popular. This allows the thermostat to raise the temperature if no motion is detected. These sensors are able to detect movement from great distances away and some motion sensors can detect your shadow. Moderate sized pets will usually not affect the sensor.

Ever hear of smart recovery? This means that your thermostat will begin to lower or raise the temperature in anticipation of the upcoming period. So at 3 o’ clock the HVAC system will come on to ensure the temperature is at the desired setting at the designated time of 4 o’ clock. NOT waiting for the designated time to come and then to start to heat or cool.

Need Help With a Programmable Thermostat with Your AC System?

Please feel free to call Air Hawk Heating and Cooling at 813-929-HAWK or 727-SAME DAY with any questions. We offer a variety of thermostats to purchase or we can install your thermostat for you.


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