Rheem AC Review: The Brand Recommended by Certified Technicians

Rheem AC Review: The Brand Recommended by Certified Technicians

I’ve been in the heating and cooling industry for over 15 years. Part of my business is to provide advice to my customers, from choosing the best AC or heater that fits their needs and budget to installation and maintenance.

Before accepting a job, I, together with some members of my team, inspect the location. I suggest the type of AC to buy (if the customer hasn’t bought one yet), where to install it, whether sealing windows is necessary or not; those kinds of things that would ensure efficient cooling and keep the AC running for a long time.

In one of my AC consultation projects, the customer asked me if Rheem is a good brand. I readily said yes because I have installed this air conditioning brand many times. He replied, “I’ve read some Rheem AC Reviews that say it’s not reliable and that they are susceptible to freezing.”.

I think I gave him a good explanation of why those Rheem AC Reviews are isolated cases because he ended up choosing to go with Rheem.

What did I tell him? I’m sharing it below, so read on.

Rheem AC Review: Why I Recommend This Brand

An Established Brand

As a certified AC technician, I have been following the top air conditioner brands in the world. One of the best, based on my experience, is Rheem. It has been an industry leader for over 100 years and introduced its “Rheemaire” central air conditioning and heating in 1956.


The Rheem AC is famous for its durability. Perhaps the best proof of this is the first unit they created in their Arkansas Air Conditioning Headquarters in 1970. To this day, that AC still works. That’s 48 years of functionality!


The Rheem air conditioner is packed with innovative technologies that improve its efficiency. Its line of air conditioners is Energy Star certified and has high SEER ratings so you can expect efficient energy usage. To you, this means a reduction in utility bills.

Excellent Customer Support

Rheem has a customer self-service portal where you can find round-the-clock assistance and easy-to-find answers to your queries. The featured information and FAQs are updated regularly to make sure customers get what they need when they want it.

So with all these “glowing” characteristics, you might be wondering why there’s an occasional negative Rheem AC review.

For My Rheem Ac Review – Here’s my take on this:

The Rheem AC, per se, is an excellent product. The problem is, some, if not most new Rheem AC owners have their unit installed by uncertified contractors or someone they know. They mistakenly believe that doing so can save them a lot of money. Unfortunately, they end up spending more than they bargained for.

The truth is, installing air conditioners requires the right tools, equipment, and more importantly, certified technicians. Properly installed, Rheem ACs can last a long, long time.

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