What is a SEER Rating?

SEER Rating

If you are a homeowner in the market for a new air conditioning system,  it’s easy to get confused by the collection of numbers involved. One number you should be sure to study is the SEER rating, or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling units use more energy than any other system in the home, so the choice of SEER level makes a big difference when buying a new air conditioner.

What Does SEER Rating Mean?

SEER measures the ratio of cooling capacity to power input. The higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner. The higher the SEER rating, the more work you’re getting out of the equipment for the same dollar amount of energy. The lower the SEER rating, the lower the production.

SEER ratings have gradually increased in recent years.  A homeowner might find great value in replacing an older system with a more efficient, newer model. Even entry-level models now are much more efficient than standard models of the past.

How Does SEER Rating Affect Me?

Energy efficiency has its benefits. Your higher SEER rated AC unit can qualify you for tex credits and rebates from local power companies. When a new air conditioning unit leaves the factory, a yellow sticker on the condenser is attached that states the SEER rating of the unit. Starting in 2006, the federal government required that new residential air conditioning systems have a minimum SEER of 13. For homeowners who are interested in having an Energy Star rating and possibly qualifying for a tax credit or a rebate from your local utility company, a minimum SEER of 14 is required.

As you might guess, higher-SEER models are more expensive. The ideal balance for your home will depend on where you live and how often you use air conditioning. For example, having a 25 SEER system for a home in Michigan, where you would turn on your unit just a few days of the year, doesn’t make much sense, but a high-SEER system makes perfect sense if you live in Florida. For more information, contact Air Hawk Heating and Cooling at 813-929-HAWK or 727- SAME DAY.


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