6 Tips to Control AC Repair Costs

6 Ways to control AC repair costs

During the summer months in Florida, your AC repair costs can skyrocket because your unit is working overtime to ensure you remain cool when it’s hot outside.  The extra load on the AC unit may cause some components of the unit to fail, resulting in costly repairs to you.  But by following our six tips to control AC repair costs during the summertime in Florida, it may be possible to reduce the risk of AC failure.

  1. Check the air filter every month.   Keeping the air filters clear of dust, dirt, and debris allows for more air flow.  Easing the air flow reduces the work load on the AC unit, which allows the unit to run under less stress.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat. On top of direct savings to your energy cost, installing a programmable thermostat reduces the “on” time of your AC unit significantly.  These small instances of down time also prevent ice and water buildup inside the AC unit, reducing the chances of the unit freezing during operation.
  3. Schedule annual preventative maintenance. Like a checkup at the doctors, a certified HVAC specialist should look over your AC system to make sure everything is working the best it can. In many cases, the specialist identifies issues that are simple and cheap to repair now instead of a much more expensive AC repair cost if left unattended.
  4. Don’t attempt high-risk repairs without consulting a professional. To add on to tip number three, a certified HVAC should be the only person performing any high-risk repairs to your AC unit.  Such repairs can place you and your AC risk in danger, exposing them to liquids and high electric voltages.
  5. Keep the AC unit away from plants. Air flow is vital to the operations of the AC unit.  Plants or other overgrown garden objects can cover these vents, causing the AC unit to overheat and fail.  Move plants or other objects away from the AC unit to ensure optimal airflow.
  6. Create shade for the AC unit. As Floridians, we know from personal experience how powerful the heat can be.  By creating shade for your AC unit, it allows the unit to operate at a significantly cooler temperature, which in return reduces the workload of the cooling unit.

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