Space Heater: Three Safety Tips

7 AC Heating Tips for the Florida Winter

Tampa, Florida isn’t exactly known for its cold winters. When the temperature does drop, why crank up the heat and increase your utility costs? A space heater is a great option for Florida homes—they’re compact and they can be used without needing to heat the entire house. But there are a few things you should keep in mind to prevent accidents. Let’s explore a few safety tips to keep your home warm and your family safe.

Never Leave the Heater Unattended

Unlike your home’s HVAC system, a space heater is not meant to be used while you’re away. We recommend only using a space heater in a room you are occupying. When you leave the room, be sure to turn the space heater off and unplug it from the power source.

Check For Overheating

While convenient, space heaters have a tendency to overheat. For this reason, you should only used a space heater for short periods of time. We recommend checking for overheating—especially the power cord near the outlet.

Never Plug into Power Strip

Many people have learned this tip the hard way. In most instances, we use power strips to protect your appliances from a power surge. However, if you’ve ever attempted this with a space heater, you know it’s not a very good idea.

Space heaters are a great option for our Florida homes which don’t typically experience extremely cold temperatures. But you must be informed and cautious when using a space heater to ensure that you keep your family safe and avoid fires and other complications.

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