Summer Saving Tips

Best thermostat temperature in the winter

With the increase in time spent at home due to coronavirus, your air conditioning will probably get even more use than usual this summer. How can you keep your home comfortable without a spike in your utility bill? We’ve created a few tips to keep your home cool and your bill average.

Use a Schedule

If you have a programmable or wifi thermostat, you can easily set up a schedule to ensure that your AC is not constantly running. If you know you’ll be away, you can schedule your AC to come on right before you arrive home. This allows you to return to a cool house—without running your air conditioning all while you’re away. Your wifi thermostat can also learn your family’s habits and make the most energy efficient adjustments.

Use the Ceiling Fan

While ceiling fans do not produce cool air, they can help circulate the air throughout the room. Instead of cranking up your AC even higher, try using the fans throughout the house to make your air conditioning more efficient. This will cut down on your cooling expenses and make use of those nice fans you have decorating your home.

Avoid Heat Build Up

During the day, the Florida sun can get hot. To help keep your home cooler, keep your curtains drawn. This will reduce the amount of heat added to your home, which will help you maintain a steady temperature on your thermostat. Remember, just like insulation in the winter time, keeping the sun out during the summer can help keep your home cool without increasing your utility spending.

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