Three Ways To Reduce Dust In Your Home

Blocked by dust and debris the air filter of the ventilation return duct in the house. The need to clean ventilation for fresh air in a home.

No one likes a dusty house. With many people spending more time inside, there’s a good chance homeowners are noticing more dust. Dust is a compilation of pet dander, skin cells, hair, food particles, bacteria, and more. One solution is to simply clean more often—but could there be a way to slow the production of dust? Here are three ways to reduce an influx in dust.

Take Shoes Off At The Door

Our shoes carry a lot of debris and when we wear them throughout the house, we leave a little of that debris in every room—increasing the amount of dust in the house. One way to reduce the amount of debris you bring into the home is to leave your shoes at the door. In addition to leaving the shoes at the door, we also recommend having mats at the door. This allows people to swipe there feet and it can later be vacuumed to prevent the debris from spreading.

Change Your Air Filters

As part of a good maintenance routine, the standard recommendation is that you change your air filters every 60–90 days. However, with the increase in the time spent at home, we recommend changing your filters every 30 days if you’ve noticed an increase in dust. Dirty air filters prevent your HVAC from filtering out the particles in the air that create dust.

Clean Your Air Ducts

If you notice that the amount of dust in your home is still higher than usual after changing your air filters more frequently, you might need to have your air ducts cleaned. Build up in your ducts leads to poor indoor air quality and an increase in dust throughout your home. Poor indoor air quality can increase allergy issues, can make it difficult to sleep, and more. Call the Air Hawk team today to schedule an appointment

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