Tips to Make Your Home Cooler This Fall

Family of four sitting on couch at home staying cool

While for many across the country the transition into fall means cooler and more comfortable temperatures, in Florida we can still look forward to some heat. We’ve compiled a few tips to help keep your home cooler this fall without cranking up the air conditioner.

Leverage Your Window Treatments

Even in the fall, the Florida sun can cause the temperature in your home to rise. In fact, according to, about 76% of sunlight that falls on a window enters as heat. So while it may be very tempting to let a little sunlight in during the day, we recommend keeping your curtains or blinds drawn. Choosing the right type of window treatment can also help keep unwanted heat out.

Use Fans Strategically

Although fans do not create cool air, they can be a great way to keep your home cool—if used strategically. One way to leverage a fan to keep your home cooler is to place a box fan near your window. By turning the fan to face the screen, it will act as an exhaust and help draw warm air out of the room. For rooms where a box fan isn’t practical, a ceiling fan can be used to help circulate the cool air—without turning the air conditioner up.

Turn Off Lights In Unoccupied Rooms

In case you didn’t already know, light bulbs can generate a lot of heat. We recommend turning off the lights in rooms that aren’t being used. This will help keep the overall temperature of your home cooler. In addition to turning off lights, we also recommend turning off the television when you’re not watching for the same reason. If you’re not already, you can use energy efficient bulbs to help reduce the amount heat given off by the lights in your home.

Keep Up With HVAC Maintenance

We know we sound like a broken record but proper HVAC maintenance is the number one key to keeping your home cooler year-round. We recommend using a checklist to help you keep a schedule. We also recommend regularly checking your air filters, cleaning around your outdoor unit, and checking your vents for obstructions or blockage. In addition to those, we also recommend an HVAC maintenance plan to ensure your system is working at peak performance. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance checkup.


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