Tips to Prevent An Air Conditioning Fire

Prevent HVAC Fire

Did you know that air conditioning fires caused millionaires of dollars of damage in 2018? Although most don’t typically consider an air conditioning unit a fire hazard, if not properly maintained, the results can be devastating. We have a few tips that can help you prevent an air conditioning fire.

Keep Up With Annual Maintenance

We probably sound like a broken record at this point but scheduling annual AC maintenance is crucial to avoiding an air conditioning fire. This is because it provides a professional the opportunity to check for any issues with the unit. We check for malfunctioning components, faulty wires, and more. We also take the time to thoroughly clean the unit—which leads us to our next tip.

Keep The Unit Clean

Dust and debris can build up and cause your unit to malfunction. Keeping your ac unit clean reduces the likelihood of an internal issue. We recommend that you regularly check the area around your unit to ensure there’s nothing obstructing the unit.

This also includes changing your filters—as build up can lead to an obstruction in air flow.

Avoid Overusing Your AC

We know it gets hot but it’s important not to overwork your air conditioner as it strains the unit. This strain could lead to malfunctions—which in turn could cause a fire. We recommend that you instead create a schedule to cool your house in the hours before high heat is due to set in. This will put less strain on your unit while still keeping your home comfortable.

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