Using Shade Trees to Make Your HVAC More Efficient

Who doesn’t want to see savings on their utility bill? In most cases, people think of upgrades to their HVAC system as a way to help with air conditioner related utility cost savings. But there might be another option that doesn’t even involve your HVAC. Landscaping could be a great way to keep your home cooler without cranking up the AC. With the correct placement, trees and shrubbery can help your HVAC system run more efficiently—saving your money on your monthly utility bill.

How Do Trees Make Your HVAC More Efficient?

When the sun is beaming down on your home, it can cause the temperature inside to rise. As a result, most people crack up the AC to make their homes more comfortable. Of course that translates to higher utility costs. In addition to closing your shades or drawing your curtains, increasing the shade around your home can help cut down the heat.

A strategic landscaping plan can help provide ample shade from the sun. This means that your home can remain cooler during peak hours of sunshine—without turning up the air. The result, according to the EPA, can be cost savings of 7 to 47 percent. But that’s not the only was trees can help make your HVAC more efficient.

You can also leverage landscaping around your condenser to provide shade on hot days. This can help it expend slightly less energy—as it’s not being heated up by the sun. The important thing to remember is that placement is crucial. You do not want your trees or shrubs to cause any form of blockage. Make sure you set up a schedule for checking for any debris. And be sure to contact the Air Hawk team to set up annual maintenance to ensure there are no issues with your outdoor unit.

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