What Are Smart Vents?

In this digital era we have smart phones, smart TVs, smart homes, and smart thermostats. So it should come as no surprise that we would eventually be talking about smart vents. Unlike most of the other smart devices, smart vents haven’t quite become mainstream. What is a smart vent? Should you switch to smart vents? Let’s explore.

What Is a Smart Vent?

A smart vent is an air register that automatically opens and closes to allow or restrict air flow to a room based on your programming. Now this is the main source of the controversy about smart vents. Traditionally, it is not recommended to close vents, even in rooms that are not being used. This is because it restricts air flow. Why is that important? When air flow is restricted, it can cause your HVAC to work harder.

But that’s not the only way smart vents can be used with your smart thermostat. Smart vents have sensors that allow them to detect when a room is empty. It can then signal your HVAC system to adjust the temperature. Similarly, when the room is occupied, it can signal your system to adjust the temperature to the ideal temperature based on the conditions. This can help your thermostat create a more effective cooling (or heating) schedule for your home—which could amount to cost savings.

It is not necessary to replace all the vents in your home. Instead many replace only a few. For example, you can place one in the room with the most activity in your home. This is will allow your home’s cooling and heating to be dependent on occupancy of your home. During the day when everyone is at work and school, the smart vent will sense this and signal your HVAC system accordingly. You then have the option of adjusting your vent to prepare your home for your return. In combination with your smart thermostat, the smart vent can better learn your families schedule.

Should You Add Smart Vents to Your Home?

Before you make a decision to transition to a smart vent system in your home, contact the Air Hawk team. It is important to discuss with an air conditioning professional before making any changes that could impact the life of your HVAC. We will schedule an appointment with you to discuss the pros and cons and to evaluate your HVAC system before making a recommendation. Our job is help you make the best decision for your home. Request your appointment today.

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