What Determines The Cost of HVAC Parts And Services?

Certified HVAC Contractors Can Help You Save

Have you ever wondered why an HVAC part might be priced cheaper online than when you call your local HVAC professional? As with any service, HVAC contractors have to take several things into consideration when developing their pricing structure. Just as customers deserve quality service and a fair price, HVAC professionals deserve a fair profit.

What Does It Costs To Do Business?

Air Hawk Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing the best service to all of our customers. In order to fulfill that, our company must be able to employ the best HVAC professionals, pay for service equipment, maintain ongoing training for our employees, pay for benefits such as healthcare and 401K matching, and more.

While some may get a quote and think that we are just out to make an excessive profit—the truth is our margins do not all go into the pockets of the business. We pay overhead expenses just as any other business. Currently, our workforce is quite scarce—there just aren’t a lot of skilled technicians. That means we must offer them a competitive wage in order to secure their labor. On top of that, this is a seasonal business which means that for nearly half of the year, the company suffers a loss—something we must take into account when developing our pricing structure.

Example Breakdown of Our Costs

  • GL Insurance: $9,000/year
  • Auto Insurance For Fleet of Service Vehicles: $35,000/year
  • Worker’s Compensation: $40,000+/yearGas: $5,000/month
  • Ongoing Training: $900/month

A Company That Puts Customers First

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We ensure that our technicians are available when your heating and air conditioning emergency happens. This also contributes to the pricing that customers see across all of our services.

All of our technicians are EPA or NATE-certified which means they all meet the highest standards in the HVAC industry. What does this mean for our customers? You can be confident that when you hire Air Hawk Heating and Cooling to do an HVAC job—no matter what it is—it will be done the right way the first time.

We truly thank each and every one of our customers for choosing Air Hawk. We appreciate you putting your heating and cooling needs in our hands. We are confident that you made the best choice.

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